!Sense – Intelligent Article Surveillance

Next generation article surveillance
Today’s global trend of connecting all devices to the internet has inspired Nedap to redefine the way electronic article surveillance (EAS) works today. The result is !Sense – a revolutionary intelligent article surveillance system that offers immense benefits compared to traditional EAS systems. !Sense reliably prevents losses in retail stores, embeds EAS into the retailer’s existing security network and gathers actionable data directly from the stores around the world.

  • Integrated sensors
    Collect RF and/or RFID EAS alarm, booster bag and visitor counting data
  • Real-time reporting
    User-friendly local & organization-wide dashboards
  • Plug-and-play RFID-ready
    Easily upgrade from to RF to RFID
  • Always-on systems
    Remote management and automatic firmware updates

Bringing truly connected EAS to retail

With !Sense, the EAS antennas are connected to each other and the internet. That makes it possible to simply connect your EAS antennas to other devices like CCTV camera’s or your enterprise security platform. The connectivity also enables you to gain real-time insights into potential security risks and the system performance. With local and organization-wide dashboards, your staff can easily monitor and benchmark…and take the right actions to permanently prevent losses. Learn more...
360 article surveillance
!Sense is ready for RFID whenever you are. !Sense can easily be upgraded to RFID whenever you want to start using RFID to optimize stock levels, have perfect on-shelf availability and use the antennas for 360 article surveillance. Upgrades from RF to RFID are fast, hassle-free and low-cost. After the upgrade, you can use the system with RF/RFID detection or RFID-only detection. Learn more..